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Welcome to Every Amiga Game Ever Released

A database of commercial Amiga games

This site contains information on commercially released titles for the Amiga range of computers. Each software title listed has, where available (or applicable), the following information:

  • Brief game description
  • Commercial availability and/or free download info
  • Review details and scores
  • Manuals and supplements
  • Publishers and Developers info
  • Cheats, hints, full solutions and maps
  • Screenshot
  • Game Demo
  • Compatibility (Amiga models only, not UAE)
  • HD Installers and patches

Site News

August 2008   -  Over the past few months I have uploaded many more game manuals with many more still in the pipeline. I have also put in over 300 links to recorded games on You Tube (on the Game data pages in the Misc Section). These videos show the game being played, often in full. A word of warning: Many of these videos can make it easier to complete the game as you'll see how it's done or what you have to do - Then again it may just get you past that bit you're stuck on!

April 2008   -  Although I haven't updated this page for some time I had actually made many additions to the site. Most noticeable is the inclusion of approx another 300 game manuals. I still have hundreds more to add but spell checking and fixing them really does eat up the days - a very time consuming task indeed - but piece by piece they are getting done. :)

October 2007   -  I have now reinstalled the completely updated site back on the BttR servers. At present the orgfree.com site is still online but due to continuing difficulties with their servers I am unable to amend or delete the site so be aware that many of those files are months out of date. Oh, before I go just a short word to the BttR guys to say "Great to see you back".

May 2007   -  As you will see I have updated most of the entries on the site and added and erased a few erroneous ones. I have also made a few cosmetic changes to the look of certain aspects (as requested by users) and hopefully these will make it easier to read that information. These cosmetic changes should be completed during June and I will then begin to install the large collection of game manuals which I have completed but are not yet put in place.

April 2007   -  Due to various personal issues followed by technical hosting problems I was unable to do much work on the site over the period. However, all these problems are now resolved (I Hope!) so updates and amendments should be implemented frequently from now on. Apart from many new screenshots and amendments which I have uploaded the main change is that I have deleted all the game Demos I had on the site. I apologise for this but various reasons made this necessary.

August 2006   -  I have started installing the game manuals which I have. In general these are in plain ascii text. Where the file is over approx 10k in size it has been archived as a zip file. Please note that some of these manuals are still under copyright and you should only download those which you legally are entitled to own or for which the copyright holders have given permission for free distribution (as shown under game availability).

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