Alien Breed

Tower Assault

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General Information

Language(s): English 
Type:Shoot-em-up Publishers (last):
HDInst:YES Publishers (orig):Team 17
Released:1994 Developers:Allister Brimble
Martyn Brown
Tobias Richter
Andy Robinson
Tony Senghore
Andreas Tadic
Description: Another game in the Alien Breed series, better than the first game and not as hard as the second. Auto detects A1200 and gives enhanced gfx/sfx.

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Compatibility Information

A500NO - Runs on A500+
A1200YES - Some reported problems on 030+ machines
Required: Recommended:
Comments: HD installer avail from WHDLoad
Game can lock up if paused whilst using a joypad in mouse port.

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Miscellaneous Information

Availability: Available as a Free Download
Game Demo: Amiga Power coverdisk 3 - AGA only
Documentation: Game Manual
Game Music: Available from ExoticA
Game Cheats: Cheat and Level codes
Screenshot: Alien Breed: Tower Assault

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Action---60Aug 9477Preview
91%65Xmas 9424 
88%68Mar 9540Reader review
Amiga Computing---76Aug 94118Preview
84%82Jan 95108 
Amiga Format83%66Dec 9458 
Amiga Games Database1 Review available 
Amiga Joker------Aug 9410Preview
Amiga Power---40Aug 9418Preview
46%45Jan 9570Score is for AGA machines
AUI90%9/2Feb 9584 
CU Amiga------Aug 9457Preview
86%---Jan 9544 
The One---74Nov 9438Preview
86%76Jan 9574 

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