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General Information

Language(s): English  German 
Type:Role Playing Game Publishers (last):
HDInst:YES Publishers (orig):Thalion
Released:1993 (German version) Developers:Michael Bittner
Tobias Franz
Jurie Horneman
Monika Krawinkel
Thorsten Mutschall
Henrik Nieborg
Erik Simon
Matthias Steinwachs
Description: A large and atmospheric RPG, (2nd of a never completed trilogy). Viewed in 1st person perspective for the 3D sections, 2D/3D for the fight sequences and overhead pseudo 3D view inside buildings. Game comes on 9 disks so playing from hard drive is recommended. Held by many to be the best RPG ever produced for the Amiga and I would have to concur with this. Innovative in many ways this is a game which is worthy of a look even if RPGs are not your cup of tea.
Notes: The english version (v1.07, 1994) was never commercially released and although very playable does contain a number of bugs which cause the game to crash. None of these bugs stop you completing the game and can all be worked around/ignored. There is a supposed patch/fix available from the Thalion Webshrine though I can't say it has ever worked with my copy.

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Compatibility Information

A500YES - But see comments
Required:See comments Recommended:Hard Drive
Extra RAM
Comments: Floor textures require 020 or better processor. Floor and ceiling textures require 030 and/or FPU. When run from HD on A500 you will require 1.5Mb RAM. There is a patch avail, (for German vers only), which fixes some problems when run on an 040.

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Miscellaneous Information

Availability: Available as a Free Download
Documentation: Game Manual
Game Music: Available from ExoticA
Game Cheats: Cheat codes
Ambermoon: Outside View
Outside/Exploration view
Ambermoon: Interior View
Building Interior View
Ambermoon: Dungeon View
Dungeon View (floor and ceiling textures off)
Ambermoon: Inventory Screen
Inventory Screen

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Action---41Feb 9372Preview
91%58Jun 9418 
Amiga Computing81%75Jul 94116 
Amiga Format79%73Jul 9556 
Amiga Games Database2 Reviews available 
Amiga Joker85%---Nov 9318 
Amiga Power---22Feb 9320Preview
30%51Jul 9552 
CU Amiga------Feb 9340Preview
The One---53Feb 9334Preview
---60Sep 9354Preview
84%79Apr 9556 

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