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General Information

Language(s): English  French  German  Italian 
Type:Puzzle Publishers (last):
HDInst:YES Publishers (orig):Psygnosis
Released:1991 Developers:Hans-Hermann Franck
Thorsten Knop
Rainer Reber
Description: A puzzle game in which you arrange atoms (hence the name) in a jigsaw style. Addictive gameplay more than compensate for the lacklustre gfx and sfx. Most reviewers marked it down due to its initial release price rather than any gameplay faults.

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Compatibility Information

A1200YES - but see comments
Required: Recommended:
Comments: 030+ machines require various levels of degrading. See the AGDB review for details or use WHDLoad patch.

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Miscellaneous Information

Game Music: Available from ExoticA
Game Cheats: Cheat codes
Screenshot: Atomino

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Action76%24Sep 9146 
Amiga Computing---37Jun 9144Preview
75%40Sep 9153 
Amiga Force---7Jul 9315As part of a roundup, no score given
Amiga Format72%26Sep 9161 
Amiga Games Database1 Review available 
Amiga Joker------Jan 9396No score given
Amiga Power66%1May 9182 
***8Dec 91111 
CU Amiga------Apr 9140Preview
77%---Aug 91109 

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