Cannon Fodder

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General Information

Language(s): English  French 
Type:Arcade/Strategy Publishers (last):Guildhall Leisure
HDInst:NO (See comments) Publishers (orig):Virgin
Released:1993 Developers:Stoo Cambridge
Chris Chapman
Jon Hare
Julian Jameson
Richard Joseph
Description: Yes it's those little people from Sensible running around shooting and killing. "War has never been so much fun" - how true. The game has been banned in Germany since 1994.

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Compatibility Information

A1200YES - Does not work with some Escom A1200 internal floppy drives.
Required: Recommended:
Comments: HD Installer avail from JST and WHDLoad

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Miscellaneous Information

Documentation: Game Manual
Game Music: Available from ExoticA
Game Cheats: Cheat codes
Screenshot: Cannon Fodder
Compilations: Beau Jolly Compilation

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Action94%53Jan 9424 
92%57May 9439Reader review
88%58Jun 9453Reader review
Amiga Computing94%70Feb 94136 
92%91Oct 95102 
Amiga Force90%14Jan 9442 
Amiga Format---33Apr 9252Preview
---49Aug 9322Preview
95%54Xmas 9378 
---67Jan 9584As part of a compilation, no separate score
94%72Jun 9558 
Amiga Games Database1 Review available 
Amiga Joker85%---Dec 9316 
Amiga Power---20Dec 9229Preview
94%32Dec 9332 
---45Jan 9599As part of a compilation, no separate score
94%49May 9574 
AUI93%8/3Mar 9472 
CU Amiga------May 9340Preview
------Oct 9365Preview
93%---Jan 9486 
------Feb 9576As part of a compilation, no separate score
92%---Aug 9558 
90%---Dec 9744 
The One---50Nov 9246Preview
93%58Jul 9350 
93%63Dec 9382 
---76Jan 9588As part of a compilation, no separate score
92%81Jun 9559 
Zero Magazine---30Apr 9255Preview

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