The Chaos Engine 2

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General Information

Language(s): English 
Type:Shoot-em-up Publishers (last):
HDInst:NO (See comments) Publishers (orig):Time Warner
Released:1996 Developers:Steve Cargill
Gary Carr
Terry Cattrell
Richard Joseph
Steve Kelly
Dan Malone
Chris Maule
Colin McEvoy
Mike Montgomery
Chris Thomas
Rob Trevelleyan
Mark Vick
Doug Walker
Description: Similar to the first game although the computer AI is a bit over the top in 1 player mode. Best played in 2 player mode.

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Compatibility Information

Required:1.5Mb Chip RAM Recommended:
Comments: HD Installer avail from JST

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Miscellaneous Information

Game Music: Available from ExoticA
Game Cheats:
Recorded Game: You Tube
Screenshot: The Chaos Engine 2

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Computing92%102Aug 9680 
Amiga Format---84May 9631Preview
85%93Jan 9738 
Amiga Games Database1 Review available 
Amiga Power---46Feb 9510Preview
AUI74%11/4Apr 9780 
CU Amiga------Feb 9539Preview
------Apr 9640Preview
------Nov 9634Preview
90%---Jan 9736 
The One---76Jan 9520Preview
---77Feb 9524Preview
---78Mar 9532Preview
---79Apr 9528Preview
---80May 9532Preview

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