Clik Clak

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General Information

Language(s): English 
Alt Titles: Gearworks  (Re-release title)
Type:Puzzle Publishers (last):Hollyware
HDInst:NO (See comments) Publishers (orig):iDea
Released:1992 - Original
1993 - Re-release
Developers:Paolo Galimberti
Stefano Lecchi
Luca Stradiotto
Description: A puzzle game in which you complete levels by connecting cogs across the play area.

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Compatibility Information

A1200?? (See comments)
Required: Recommended:
Comments: Early versions of this game don't work on AGA machines. A HD Installer/AGA patch is avail from WHDLoad.

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Miscellaneous Information

Documentation: Game Manual
Game Music: Available from ExoticA
Game Cheats: Cheat codes
Screenshot: Clik Clak (aka Gearworks)

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Action54%50Nov 9330as Gearworks
Amiga Format---32Mar 9251Preview
72%52Nov 9374as Gearworks
Amiga Games Database2 Reviews availableas Gearworks
Amiga Joker58%---Jan 9230 
52%---Oct 9396as Gearworks
Amiga Power60%30Oct 9346as Gearworks
CU Amiga71%---Oct 9387as Gearworks
The One84%61Oct 9364as Gearworks

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