Jet Pilot

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General Information

Language(s): English 
Type:Flight Sim Publishers (last):
HDInst:YES Publishers (orig):Vulcan
Released:1996 Developers:Michael Bauer
Paul Hale Carrington
Andrew Whittall
Description: A more serious flight sim so probably not for the casual gamer who wants to jump into a plane and go dogfighting. The game contains a bug which occurs when you fly near Binbrook, happily though there is a fix avail from Aminet (game/demo/aajetfix.lha). Likewise German users can download a language pack which enables both German in game text and on-line manual (link below).

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Compatibility Information

Required: Recommended:030+
Extra memory

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Miscellaneous Information

Game Demo: Playable demo
Documentation: aminet/game/demo/aajetman.lha - German Language Pack
Game Music:
Game Cheats:
Screenshot: Jet Pilot
Compilations: Vulcanology CD

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Computing---106Dec 9678Preview
88%110Mar 9766Demo was on Coverdisk Xmas 96
Amiga Format65%95Mar 9732Demo was on AFCD 7
---123May 9934As part of a compilation, no separate score
Amiga Games Database3 Reviews available 
AUI??11/3Mar 97?? 
CU Amiga------Nov 9631Preview
66%---Mar 9742 

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