Time Soldier

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General Information

Language(s): English 
Type:Arcade Publishers (last):
HDInst:NO (See comments) Publishers (orig):Electrocoin
Released:1989 Developers:Allister Brimble
Simon Said Hassan
Rico Holmes
Simon Williams
Description: An early sort of Commando type game set in different time zones. Gfx are are pretty dated now and that added to the mediocre gameplay which the game had make it one you won't be sad you missed.

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Compatibility Information

Required: Recommended:
Comments: HD installer avail from WHDLoad

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Miscellaneous Information

Game Manual:
Game Music: Available from ExoticA
Game Cheats:
Screenshot: Time Soldier

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Review Information

Reviewed byScoreIssueDatePageRemarks
Amiga Action41%11Aug 9054 
Amiga Computing50%3/3Aug 9048 
Amiga Format49%13Aug 9060 
Amiga Joker71%---Sep 90?? 
CU Amiga------Jun 908Preview
Zzap36%65Sep 9074 

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