Danielle Berry (aka Bunten)

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General Information

Deceased: 1998
Comments: Danielle Berry is probably better remembered under her former name of Dan or Dani Bunten. She was the founder of Ozark Softscape and made the graphics on a number of games which appeared on most 8/16 bit systems. Only one of her games made it to the Amiga, Seven Cities of Gold, though due to some dodgy programming it only runs on WB1.2 systems. Her last game, Warsport, which she designed, was released on PC the year before her death.

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Game Credits

Game TitleSystemPublisherDateRemarks
Wheeler Dealers Apple Speakeasy 1978  
Computer Quarterback Apple SSI 1979  
Cartels and Cutthroats Apple/C64/PC SSI 1981  
Cytron Masters Apple/Atari SSI 1982  
MULE C64/Atari/Apple/PC Electronic Arts 1983  
Seven Cities of Gold Atari/Amiga/Mac/PC Electronic Arts 1984  
Heart of Africa C64 Electronic Arts 1985  
Robot Rascals C64 Electronic Arts 1986  
Modem Wars C64/PC Electronic Arts 1988  
Command HQ PC MicroProse 1990  
Global Conquest PC Electronic Arts 1992  
Warsport PC TimeSink 1997  

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