Ed Bogas

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General Information

Comments: Ed is credited with music on the titles for which he is listed

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Game Credits

Game TitleSystemPublisherDateRemarks
Ducks Ahoy! C64 CBS Software 1984  
HardBall! C64 / Apple II / Amiga / ST /PC Accolade 1985  
Law of the West C64 / Apple II Accolade 1985  
Robot Odyssey Apple II / PC Learning Company 1985  
GBA Championship Basketball: Two on Two C64 / CPC / Amiga / ST Activision 1986  
Murder on the Mississippi C64 / Apple II / MSX / NES Activision 1986  
Psi-5 Trading Company C64 / CPC / Spectrum / PC Accolade 1986  
4th and Inches Amiga Accolade 1987  
Tetris: The Soviet Challenge Various Spectrum Holobyte 1988  
Face Off! C64 / Amiga / PC Anco 1989  
The Manhole PC Activision 1989  
Welltris C64 / CPC / Amiga / ST / PC Infogrames 1988  
TKO (Total Knock-Out) C64 / PC Electronic Arts 1989  
Faces: Tris 3 Amiga Spectrum Holobyte 1990  
Bo Jackson's Hit and Run! Baseball and Football Game Boy THQ 1991  
Gunboat CPC / Amiga / PC Accolade 1991  
Super Tetris Amiga / PC Spectrum Holobyte 1991 PC vers only
High Command: Europe 1939-45 PC Three-Sixty 1992  
Swamp Thing Game Boy / NES THQ 1992  
Gran Turismo 4 PS2 Sony 2004  

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