Erik Casey

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General Information

Comments: Erik is credited with gfx work on the games listed.

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Game Credits

Game TitleSystemPublisherDateRemarks
Emperor of the Mines Amiga Impressions 1989  
Fort Apache Amiga / PC Impressions 1991  
Airforce Commander Amiga Impressions 1992  
Airforce Commander: WW2 Mission Disk Amiga Impressions 1992  
Caesar Amiga / ST / PC Impressions 1992  
Discovery: In the Steps of Columbus Amiga / PC Impressions 1992  
Paladin 2 Amiga / PC Impressions 1992  
Warriors of Releyne Amiga Impressions 1992  
The Blue and The Grey Amiga / PC Impressions 1993  
Caesar Deluxe Amiga Impressions 1993  
When Two Worlds War Amiga / PC Impressions 1993  
D-Day: The Beginning of the End Amiga Impressions 1994  
Ultimate Soccer Manager Amiga Daze 1995  

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