Rob Hubbard

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General Information

Comments: Rob wrote the music for many games and it is for this which he is credited.

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Game Credits

Game TitleSystemPublisherDateRemarks
Las Vegas Video Poker C64 Mastertronic 1986  
Bangkok Knights C64 / Amiga / ST System 3 1987 C64 vers only
Q-Ball Amiga English Software 1987  
19: Part One - Boot Camp C64 / Amiga Cascade 1988 Amiga vers unreleased
Battleships Amiga Epyx 1988  
Goldrunner Amiga / ST Microdeal 1988  
Jupiter Probe Amiga / ST Microdeal 1988  
Budokan: The Martial Spirit Amiga Electronic Arts 1989  
Indianapolis 500 Amiga Electronic Arts 1989  
Populous Amiga Electronic Arts 1989  
688 Attack Sub Amiga / PC Electronic Arts 1990  
Centurion: Defender of Rome Amiga / PC Electronic Arts 1990  
Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp Amiga Empire 1990  
Populous: The Promised Lands Amiga Electronic Arts 1990  
Ski or Die Amiga Electronic Arts 1990  
Hard Nova Amiga / ST Electronic Arts 1991  
PGA Tour Golf Amiga Electronic Arts 1991  

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