David Lester

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General Information

Comments: David is variously credited as designer and programmer on the projects in which he was involved.

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Game Credits

Game TitleSystemPublisherDateRemarks
Fighter Command: Objective Air Supremacy Amiga Impressions 1991  
Merchant Colony Amiga Impressions 1991  
Airforce Commander Amiga / PC Impressions 1992  
Airforce Commander: WW2 Mission Disk Amiga Impressions 1992  
Caesar Amiga / ST / PC Impressions 1992  
Discovery: In the Steps of Columbus Amiga / PC Impressions 1992  
Global Domination Amiga Impressions 1992 (aka Stratagem)
Airforce Commander: World War 2 PC Impressions 1993  
Detroit Amiga / Mac / PC Impressions 1994  
Lords of the Realm Amiga / PC Impressions 1994  
Caesar 2 PC Impressions 1995  
Front Lines Amiga / PC Impressions 1995 (Amiga vers unreleased)
High Seas Trader Amiga / PC Impressions 1995  
Powerhouse PC Impressions 1995  
Lords of the Realm 2 Win95 Sierra 1996  
Robert E Lee: Civil War General Win95 Sierra 1996  
Space Bucks Win95 Sierra 1996  
Lords of the Realm 2: Siege Pack Win95 Sierra 1997  
Caesar 3 Win95 Sierra 1998  

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