Rudolf Stember

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General Information

DOB: 26 March 1969
Comments: Rudolf is responsible for music and SFX on those games for which he is listed. He has a website at where you can obtain much more info on his career and work to date. The site also has archives of his C64 and Amiga game music for download.

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Game Credits

Game TitleSystemPublisherDateRemarks
Decton C64 / Amiga CP Verlag 1989 Magazine coverdisk
Wobbler C64 / Amiga CP Verlag 1989 Magazine coverdisk
Blutrausch Amiga CP Verlag 1990 Magazine coverdisk
The Curse of Ra C64 / Amiga / CDTV Rainbow Arts 1990  
Cybergammon Amiga CP Verlag 1990 Magazine coverdisk
Cylogic C64 / Amiga CP Verlag 1990 Magazine coverdisk
Orbit C64 / Amiga CP Verlag 1990 Magazine coverdisk
Sub Rally C64 / Amiga CP Verlag 1990 Magazine coverdisk (aka Suprally on C64)
Z-Out Amiga Rainbow Arts 1990  
The Secret of Monkey Island Amiga US Gold 1990  
Dungeons of Avalon Amiga Zeret 1991  
Dungeons of Avalon 2: Island of Darkness Amiga Zeret 1991  
Kangarudy Amiga / ST CP Verlag 1991  
Elefanten Amiga COMAD 1992 Promotional Game
Logical C64 / Amiga / CDTV Rainbow Arts 1991  
Mad TV Amiga / ST Rainbow Arts 1991  
The Oath Amiga Attic 1991  
Blade of Destiny: Realms of Arkania Amiga /ST / PC US Gold 1992  
BC Kid Amiga UBI Soft 1992  
Freak Out Amiga Zeret 1992  
Metal Law Amiga New Bits 1992  
The Patrician Amiga / ST Daze 1992  
Ugh! Amiga Play Byte 1992  
Flies: Attack on Earth Amiga / PC Rainbow Arts 1993 (aka Mutant Flies)
Karamalz Cup: Eis Hockey Amiga Zeret 1993  
Kraft Ketchup Amiga / PC Kraft 1993 Promotional Game
Telekommando 2 Amiga Telekom 1993 Promotional Game
BiFi: Snackzone Amiga / PC BiFi Roll 1993 Promotional Game
BiFi 2: Action In Hollywood Amiga BiFi Roll 1994 Promotional Game
Hanse Amiga Ascon 1994  
Toni and Friends in Kellogg's Land Amiga Kellogg's 1994  
Software Manager Amiga / PC Kaiko 1994  
Mr Nutz: Hopping Mad Amiga / Genesis Ocean 1994  
On the Ball: League Edition Amiga Daze 1994 aka Anstoss
On the Ball: World Cup Edition Amiga / PC Daze 1994 (aka Anstoss: Welt Meisterschaft)
Shannara PC Virgin 1995  
Z PC Bitmap Brothers 1995  
Rebel Assault 2 PSX Factor 5 1996  
Ball Blazer Champions PC / PSX Factor 5 1996  
Broken Sword: Baphomets Fluch PC Virgin 1996  
X-Wing vs Tie Fighter PC Lucas Arts 1997  
Tony and Friends: New Adventure PC Factor 5 1998  
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron PC / N64 Factor 5 1998  
Resident Evil 2 N64 Factor 5 1999  
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine N64 Factor 5 2000  
Star Wars: Episode 1: Battle for Naboo PC / N64 Factor 5 2000  
Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 Gamecube Factor 5 2001  

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